Why the M3 Partnership?

As the M3 Partnership, we share a common interest in the creation of more responsible mining and metals production, and in increasing market value for responsible practices in the mining industry.

We are aware that various actors and entities with vested interests in the mining industry feel there are currently too many standards and certification systems, which often leads to audit fatigue or disengagement. We seek to respond directly to these challenges by creating efficiencies through collaboration.

As a partnership, we are working to improve connections and consistency throughout the supply chain. We believe this will allow purchasers, investors and other stakeholders to benefit from responsible practices being followed from the mine to the consumer, without gaps or oversight in the chain. 

By developing and piloting practical solutions for cross-recognition between our systems and by making connections with downstream processing (in this project specifically in the production of steel and jewellery), we will be developing and  testing real-world applications and systems. 

While this work is currently being led by the four partners, we will engage positively with other organizations in this field, particularly as we learn more and gain confidence in our ability to positively contribute to the field through this collaborative approach. 

The M3 Partnership Project is funded through the ISEAL Innovations Fund. 

Project Description

The M3 Partnership was formed to establish and test an operating model for the alignment and collaboration between standards initiatives as they relate to work in the mining, minerals and metals (M3) space.

Collaborative Effort Between 

TSM, ResponsibleSteel, Responsible Jewellery Council and


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